The Stand-In Groom – Lori Wilde

The Stand-In Groom

Wrong Way Weddings: Book 3

The Bride was Engaged to Someone Else!

Assigned by his twin older half-brothers to help their widowed mother plan her nuptials, Nick Franklin is minding his own business at a fancy bridal boutique, when a bride-to-be, trying on a wedding gown, is unexpectedly kidnapped from the shop. Nick isn’t about to sit idly by and let that go down without a fight!

Bowled over that a stranger would attempt to rescue her, preschool teacher Stacy Moore owes a debt of gratitude to the man who ends up hijacked right along with her. As they work together to escape their captors, she finds herself more charmed by Nick than her fiancée. Alarmed, Stacy struggles to ignore their growing attraction.

But fate has a way of turning life on its head and soon Stacy finds herself falling for a stand-in groom…