The Mummy Effect

Road Trip Rendezvous, Book 4

PR specialist Cassie Cooper thrives on the thrill of orchestrating spectacular events, and her latest project, a masquerade ball at the city's prestigious museum, is set to be her crowning achievement. But the night takes an unexpected turn when a legendary amulet, said to hold ancient secrets, is stolen right under her watch.

In a race against time, Cassie is forced to team up with her infuriating yet irresistibly charming nemesis, archaeologist Harrison Standish. With a reputation as solid as Indiana Jones, Harrison's expertise is their only hope of unraveling the mystery. However, as they delve deeper into the world of ancient relics and hidden dangers, Harrison finds himself struggling to maintain his no-nonsense demeanor, especially with Cassie's daring spirit challenging him at every turn.

Together, they embark on a whirlwind adventure where historical secrets and simmering romance intertwine, leading them to question not just the truth behind the amulet but the true nature of their feelings for each other. Can they recover the priceless artifact before it falls into the wrong hands, and will their mission ignite a passion that's impossible to resist?