The Jinx

Heartthrob Hospital: Book 2

Jinxed by a family curse…

Forever unlucky in love, spunky physical therapist, CeeCee Adams has accepted her fate. While she believes she can’t have happily-ever-after, she can have happy-for-now with her group of fun friends and that includes her sexy next-door-neighbor.

Dr. Jack Travis longs to take his friendship with CeeCee to a whole new level, but she’s convinced she’s damaged, and they have no chance as a couple. In a desperate bid to change her mind, Jack pretends to be his identical twin brother, Zack, a free-spirited motocross champ in town for a short time and aching for a no-strings-attached affair.

But when Jack’s deception comes to light, will CeeCee see him as just another dead-end boyfriend, or will his ploy finally open her eyes to love?