The Cowboy's Forever Wish

Wish Upon a Star: Book 2

There's no place like Falling Star, Texas and Tyler Nelson is happy to come home and help save his family's struggling horse ranch. What's got him twisted inside out is running into his ex-fiancée every single day. Things between them ended badly and he left too much unsaid.

Single mom, Annie Lee, isn't thrilled that Tyler's back in town. He's broken her heart once, and she won't let him do it again. But when he approaches her folks about a joint venture that will benefit both their ranches, she's forced to work with the man she's been unable to forget.

Seeing Tyler makes all the old feelings return, but how can she trust him, especially when she has a two-year-old daughter to protect? Is there a way to leave the past behind and build a lasting future, or will their love always be just a wish away?