Packed with Pleasure – Lori Wilde

Packed with Pleasure

Packed with pleasure...

Having lost her creative edge, Eden Montgomery is counting on
a superhot tryst with Alec Ramsey to not only inspire her sexy,
one-of-a-kind gift baskets, but her sexy, one-of-a-kind self!
Gorgeous, confident Alec is exactly what she needs to fire up
her engines with his adventure-hungry daredevil desires.
And loaded for bear!.

Eden and Alec think they have it figured out: Limit the time they
spend together, keep their emotional distance and definitely,
definitely don't get involved. But their heightened sexual fantasies
and no-limit role-playing quickly tear their promises to shreds.
Caught in each other's sensual web, Eden and Alec can hold
nothing back. But will Alec really give up his confirmed single-guy
status? And will Eden have her creativity return, only to lose
Alec in the bargain?