Mr. Intoxicating

One Scorching Summer: Book 2

Her eyes met his.

A slow, easy grin started at one side of his mouth and slipped to the other while his gaze snagged onto hers.

Slick. He was way too slick.

Kiara scowled.

His smile teetered and for a flash of a second, she saw hesitation in his face and she immediately liked him better.

Maybe the bravado was all show. Maybe he wasn’t as cocky as he seemed. Or maybe she was simply too wary. Her whole family told her she should be more open, more trusting, more romantic, like her sister, Deirdre. Easy for them to say.
Love for them prevented her from pointing out that their trust of an unscrupulous accountant had placed the Romanos’ livelihood in serious jeopardy and crusty ol’ Kiara was the one who had to save them.

“I’m Kiara.” She thrust out her hand.

The smile returned. “I heard.” He took her hand. “Wyatt Jordan.”

The instant their hands touched a blast of raw sexual desire shot up her arm and sped a blistering trail straight to her groin. Her body reacting to him without her approval: that had never happened before.

Wyatt’s eyes widened.

Kiara withdrew her hand, her gaze dropping to her feet.

Silence crawled by, slow and painful.

“So...” she said, ignoring the butterfly storm in her stomach.

“So,” he echoed.

“Looks like we both have the same extensive vocabulary.”

“Watch out, Google might poach us.”

He was funny. And smart. Dangerous combo. Don’t forget gorgeous. See. Too perfect.

This time, she noticed the shape of his mouth. Angular. Wide and welcoming. Very kissable lips. Helplessly, she felt her attraction to him grow. This was definitely out of the ordinary for her. She wasn’t the kind of woman who did anything heedlessly, much less indulged in lusty impulses, but she could not stop herself from tracking down his strong masculine chin, to his broad shoulders and chest.
Good thing he was sitting behind a table, otherwise, she would have been tempted to let her gaze stroll even lower. What in the hell was wrong with her? She needed to take control of the situation and take control of it now.

“I have another taste test I want to give you,” she said.

He pursed those gorgeous lips. “Bring it.”