Montana Blaze – Lori Wilde

Montana Blaze

Cowboy Country: Book 1

Go badass or go home…

Bookish good girl Ann Leahey wants only one thing—to live a nice quiet life in her hometown of River Falls, Montana. But her elderly boss thinks it’s high time Ann starts living large and issues her a challenge—being daring or she will sell out to the land developer bent on bringing a big box store to River Falls. What’s a woman to do but put on a short skirt and hit the Rusty Rail Saloon to save her town?

The last thing on Mitchell Black’s mind is an adventuresome sex-capade, especially with a preacher’s daughter who’s trying too hard to be a badass. He’s got two younger brothers to raise and a ranch to run. But one look at Ann and he’s rethinking his priorities. Problem is, will Ann’s newfound badassery have her hankering to leave Montana for good?