Texas Rascals, Book 2

The Lawman.

Deputy Sheriff Matt Forrester was determined to discover who was stealing cattle from Savannah Markum's ranch. But as the man who'd never stopped loving her, he yearned to protect her--and the child who should have been his son. Just as Savanah should have been his wife...and would be--if Matt had his way.

The Lady.

Savannah's busy days were filled with single-handedly raising a toddler and running her ranch. Her lonely nights were filled with longing for what might have been...if Matt hadn't shattered her heart. Now Matt was back and Savannah had to decide whether to turn Matt away or take a second chance on a forever kind of love...

This small town, heartwarming romance is the second book in Lori Wilde's Texas Rascals series. Buy your copy now.