Jonah – Lori Wilde


Texas Rascals, Book 12

Santa’s Got a Secret…

After ticking off his boss, lawman Jonah Stevenson finds himself undercover as a department store Santa. But when it comes to the merriest of holidays, Jonah is a bit of a Grinch. The last thing he wants is to spend three weeks taking toy requests from toddlers in Rascal, Texas. Or fighting his red hot attraction to the cutest little elf this side of the North Pole.

Edie Preston loves her seasonal job as Santa’s helper. But something about this year’s Santa is definitely off. For one thing, he’s acting pretty darned suspicious and there have been a rash of burglaries in the store. For another, the man is sexy as sin. Edie can’t figure out if Jonah is really a thief in disguise, or the perfect Christmas present she’s hankering for…

Jonah is the twelfth and final book in the heartwarming Texas Rascals series. Get your copy today.