Texas Rowdy, Book 1

Houston Rowdy is in for the ride of his life. This rugged cowboy's been holding down the fort at the family ranch while raising his six younger siblings. But when money gets tight, he's got to think fast or lose it all. His grand plan? Turning the ranch into a wedding hotspot.

There's just one hitch - the sexy new wedding planner is none other than Angel Townsend, his best friend's little sister, all grown up and hotter than a Texas summer.

Houston knows he should keep his hands to himself, but this little filly's got him tied up in knots. Late one night, sparks fly, and Houston finds himself tumbling head over spurs for the one woman he can't have.

Now, with his heart on the line and everything he's ever worked for hanging in the balance, this cowboy's got to wrangle his feelings and save the ranch before love rides off into the sunset.