Handsome Wrangler

Handsome Devils: Book 6

A Cowboy Yearns to Settle Down.

Weary of wanderlust, cowboy Brent Stewart retires from the rodeo circuit and returns home to Honey, Texas to wrangle horses and claim the heart of the woman he left in his rearview mirror when he took off to chase stardom…

A Small Town Girl Hankers for Bright Lights.

Steadfast Caitlin Rogers runs the Honey Hive, a local charity that finds houses for needy families, but all her life, she’s longed to see the world and now she finally has a chance. All she has to do is say “yes” to her dream job…

But Brent has sauntered back to town, tugging at her heartstrings and soon Caitlin finds herself torn between the career she’s always wanted and the man she can’t get off her mind.