Handsome Hotshot – Lori Wilde

Handsome Hotshot

Handsome Devils: Book 5

Handsome devil Michael Parker is up for a big promotion at Barrett Software in Honey, Texas. The last thing he wants is to volunteer at the senior citizen center, but his boss insists. Truthfully, he would rather waltz with a rattlesnake than spend his days with seniors, but this promotion means everything.

Peppy Casey Richards loves her life as the director of the Honey Senior Citizen Center. On second thought, maybe she’s not completely happy. Not now that she’s forced to spend time with this handsome, but madly infuriating, hotshot executive.

Casey and Michael mix about as well as cats and dogs, but with a little help from senior citizen matchmakers, they soon discover that oh, yeah opposites really do attract…but can they find common ground when everything they hold dear falls apart?