Handsome Boss – Lori Wilde

Handsome Boss

Handsome Devils: Book 2

Bachelor on the Auction Block!

As soon as he spots Emma Montgomery, Nathan Barrett knows exactly what his matchmaking sister, Leigh, is up to, and he’s not about to step into her trap. No matter how beautiful Emma might be, he’s not falling for her.

But Emma is just the seasonal employee his company needs, so at Leigh’s urging, he gives her a job and place to live for the summer. It’s only three months after all, what could it hurt?

Except what Nathan doesn’t count on, is his stubborn sister throwing Emma in his path at every turn and soon, this Handsome Devil is head-over-heels for the sexy woman he’s trying so hard to forget.

Handsome Boss is the second book in the humorous romantic Handsome Devils series by Lori Wilde and Liz Alvin