Gotta Have It – Lori Wilde

Gotta Have It

“Cool, calm and collected” is how Abby Archer always thought
of herself—on a down day she might even have used the word
repressed. Well, not anymore. Not since her fiancé ran off with
an exotic dancer. Now it's Abby's turn to try “wild and wicked.”
But that will take a very special kind of guy, like the one she
turned on—and turned down—ten years ago. When she
fantasizes, he's still the ultimate bad boy who comes to mind
and, luckily, her best friend knows exactly where he is….
Durango Creed has been marking time, guiding tourists through
the desert until his former teen angel arrives in Sedona, and
suddenly he's a rebel obsessed with a cause. He's got an
itinerary in mind that will rock Abby's tidy little world—and her
first stop is a one-on-one sexual encounter with him!