Dad in an Instant

Lone Star Dads: Book 1

Ex-cowboy Jake Galloway runs the best barbecue restaurant in Falling Star, Texas, where people line up to get in. He’s thrilled with his business and happy with his carefree bachelor life.

That is until his estranged father dies in a car crash along with his latest wife. Jake would feel bad, but he hardly knew the man. In fact, he’s surprised when he learns his father left him something life changing...

An adorable baby boy named Lucas.

Problem is, this solo cowboy doesn’t know the first thing about taking care of an infant. For help, he turns to Abbie Jackson, his best friend, who is home on a break from school. As they care for the child, Jake is suddenly having feelings for Abbie that go far deeper than just friends. Can this captivating cowboy and baby Lucas convince the lovely lady to create a forever family?