Sweet Southern Charmers: Book 4

A Marriage of Convenience?

It’s a crazy idea, but April Hanson is desperate. She’s hit "snooze" on her biological clock so many times that there’s no more going back to sleep. It’s now or never if she’s ever going to make her dream of having a baby come true. But a string of bad boyfriends has left her burned out on love. Sure, she’s considered having a baby all on her own, but even in this millennium a single, pregnant woman in little Bliss County, Virginia will simply cause too much of a stir.

Then her best friend in the whole world, Colton Radway offers a solution. He’ll wed her, give her a baby, and then bow out of the marriage while they co-parent their child.

It seems like the perfect solution until she’s playing house with her hunky new husband and realizing just how sexy her best friend really is. Soon, April is scrambling for a new plan, and wondering, how to convince Colt that this marriage of convenience should become a forever kind of love.