Excerpt – Lori Wilde

Arizona Heat

Cowboy Country: Book 2

Maybe she was hallucinating.

Jane Grant stopped, rubbed her eyes.

For real?

No, she wasn’t hallucinating. Her always unpredictable boss, Rupert Cox, had added a statue of a bare-chested cowboy standing under the cascade of sparkling water in front of the Phoenix headquarters of his sporting goods company.

Grinning, she let out a low whistle.

She’d always loved the high-pressure jet of water, glowing like liquid gold as it caught the early-morning sun and fell into the surrounding pool. A cowboy was the perfect touch on this August day, his face raised as gleaming water splashed over a body so perfect she let out a soft, “Eep.”

 Even from a distance she saw the power in the arms raised to clutch his head and the chiseled grace of the naked torso.

If only real men looked like that!

She hurried toward the statue, eager for a closer look at the stunning piece of art before she rushed up to the top-floor offices where she was assistant to the CEO’s executive secretary, Miss Polk.

Once upon a time she’d wanted to work in a museum surrounded by beautiful things,
but little girls had to grow up. It wasn’t so bad being a well-paid assistant, even if her eccentric boss did begin his workday at the crack of dawn, sometimes prompting Miss Polk to ask that Jane come in extra early, too.

The statue moved.

Whoa! Had some weirdo cowboy actually crawled into the fountain?