A Perfect Christmas Wish

Kringle, Texas: Book 2

Dear Santa, Please Bring Me a Daddy for Christmas...

Finding a father for herself (and a husband for her widowed mom) tops Abby's Christmas wish list. And rancher, Zach Delaney, fits the bill. He and her mom have been best friends for ages.

But Zach knows there are lines you shouldn’t cross, no matter how long he’s secretly been in love with his best friend. Suzannah is still grieving and he’s not about to make the first move.

Since her husband’s death, Suzannah Owens has leaned heavily on Zach and he’s always there for her. The long tall cowboy is so easy to love, but she’s terrified of messing up their friendship. What if romance ruins everything?

To make this holiday wish come true, it’s gonna take a meddlesome ten-year-old, a sweet little dog who desperately needs a home, a quirky town named Kringle and a whole lot of Christmas magic…